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01 Dez 2014

Vibration Monitoring of Rolling Bearings on High-Pressure Grinding Roller
The customer is an international manufacturer of cement, ready-mix concrete, and gravel and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction materials. Challenge for Schaeffler: High-pressure grinding roller mills are used to grind raw materials.[mehr]

21 Aug 2014

The FAG SmartCheck on the path towards Industrie 4.0
Schaeffler is a partner in the e-F@ctory Alliance from Mitsubishi Electric Europe [more]

01 Jun 2014

Reliable Monitoring of Drive Shafts
The customer is a leading worldwide manufacturer and spare parts supplier in the power transmission sector, and also develops individual solutions for his own customers, who come from the industrial and automotive sectors. This range of products and services is rounded ...[mehr]

04 Apr 2014

Sea Rescue Relies on REINTJES and FAG SmartCheck
REINTJES GmbH is a globally active independent company focusing on drive technology. The company‘s product portfolio for the maritime industry includes gear units for main ...[more]

12 Nov 2013

Online Monitoring of Vacuum Pumps for a long Service Life
Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers a wide range of advanced vacuum solutions that are used both in production and analysis processes as well as for research purposes. ...[more]

07 Oct 2013

Preventative Condition Monitoring in a Wastewater Treatment Plant
The sewage treatment plant in Rotenburg an der Fulda has treatment capacity for 34 000 residents (size class 4) and supplies approximately 20 000 people. ...[more]

11 Apr 2013

SNS housing increases bearing operating life
The unique housing design ensures optimum load distribution in the bearing and increases the bearing operating life by up to 50 percent. Perfect for 1-to-1 replacement of conventional housings...[mehr]

11 Apr 2013

Schaeffler receives the IEN Europe Award
FAG SmartCheck voted most innovative product ...[mehr]

11 Mars 2013

Reliable diagnosis of damage in vibrating screens
The company Spaleck has more than 50 years‘ experience in the field of conveying and separation equipment. The product range includes oscillating conveyors, screening machines...[more]

17 Jan 2013

CONDITION MONITORING for Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
FAG SmartCheck for End Users and System Integrators. Cooperation with the e‑F@ctory of Mitsubishi Electric...[more]

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FAG SmartCheck

takes intelligent machine monitoring to a new level: compact, easy to operate and at a unique price/performance ratio. Thus, makes the online monitoring of small, non process critical systems like electric motors, pumps, compressors, ventilators, fans and gearboxes cost-efficient.

The innovative real time monitoring system employs a number of novel technologies and trend-setting functions. These include the combination of information provided by the measurement of classic parameters and vibration based process parameters. The measuring system detects potential damage to machines early and reliably and helps to avoid unplanned shutdowns and costly secondary damage. Thus, the FAG SmartCheck already offers numerous options that future machine monitoring schemes cannot be imagined without.

Completed by a unique full service around machine diagnosis and rolling bearings, the FAG SmartCheck makes a valuable contribution to optimizing processes and reducing Life Cycle Cost (LCC) as well as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The Time is Ripe: Vibration Sensors on Every Machine